Kings Food Markets Weekly Ad

Kings Food Markets Weekly Ad - From rare Mars to fresh produce, we are constantly looking for the finest food market items - specially chosen for our customers. Experience the sights, sounds and aromas of something special. In addition, discover great dinner ideas, catering services and studio cooking classes that make everyday even more dellectable. Our chef kings share their love of food with our customers every day. Their passion for the fresh, seasonal ingredients is inspiring, ready. Get an inside look at how we help make each meal more luxurious.
Kings was founded in 1936 with the modest aim of finding the freshest produce. We have established continuous relationships with local farmers, and our passion for food has grown along with our business. Now, we have over 25 locally focused supermarkets, so you'll find more places where the inductance strikes. With more than 100,000 pounds of food donated to the needy, we are making a real impact on hunger relief. We also help to cultivate fresh produce and ideas through post-school programs and community events. All this is part of our ongoing effort to put an end to hunger and establish positive change in our community.
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