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Tom Thumb Weekly Ad – Tom Thumb Food & Pharmacy chain of supermarkets in the Metroplex Dallas / Fort Worth. operating under the names-Tom Thumb traditional grocery stores; Ships Tom Thumb stores high-end, usually in upscale areas. This is part of the southern division of Albertsons. This is (to May 2015) the number two competitive supermarket in the Dallas / Fort Worth (in terms of market share) after a Walmart, but only when combined with sister stores Albertsons and Market Street. The chain distribution center in Roanoke, Texas.

Tom Thumb was founded in 1948 by J.R. Bost and Robert B. Cullum as Tom Thumb Food Stores after 6 Toro supermarkets (Cullum was the caterer for Toro Toro when folded and the owner left the country). It was once a publicly traded company on the NYSE under the Companies Cullum name. By 1956 it had risen to 20 stores. They bought 34 stores in the Midwest Hinky Dinky, pantry 17 food markets in California, as well as a Drug Stores (Tom Thumb additional “Page” to their names after the store to buy). This page was then sold freestanding Eckerd stores. They also bought David Simon gourmet specialty stores in 1963.

Tom Thumb expand its influence and Austin, Texas, in 1972 when the grocer into the market. Tom Thumb partnership with Wal-Mart in 1987 to create Hypermart USA stores, but the initial lack of success led them to abandon in 1991. Several countries, including Garland, Texas, and Arlington, Texas. They were early prototype for the current Walmart Supercenter concept, though much larger than today’s Supercenters.

Tom Thumb offers a loyalty card (Card Reward) which provides a discount on gasoline, as well as part of the sales proceeds donated to charity. The loyalty card is good at all the former Safeway-owned stores. During the period after Tom Thumb purchased from Randall, but before Randall bought three cards are accepted at both Safeway Tom Thumb and Randall’s sites. The current program is based on the Promise Club Card Reward program originally developed by Tom Thumb program began in 1985. The Promise Club includes “Electronic Checks” (EFT), special discounts to card users, value labor based on points accumulated and shopping card and email notifications directly to the cardholder’s home.

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